NS Philosophy Graduates


Institution Name and Year Research Area
Alvernia University Josh Hays (profile) Aristotle and the history of Aristotelian commentary (book)
American University of Beirut Nader El-Bizri, PhD 1999 (profile) Arabic Sciences and Philosophy; Phenomenology; Architectural Humanities (book)
American University of Central Asia Duane Lacey Ancient Philosophy and Science, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of War, Contemporary Continental Philosophy
Bard College Berlin Michael Weinman, PhD 2005 (profile) Greek Philosophy, Political Philosophy (book)
Bethune-Cookman University Louis Colombo, PhD 2008 (profile) Ethics (book)
Bishop’s University Don Dombowsky (profile) Nietzsche (book)
Boston University Henry E. Allison Kant (book)
Aaron Garrett Spinoza, Bayle, Scottish Enlightenment, Philosophy and Race, Medieval and Renaissance (book)
California State University Northridge Robin M Muller History of Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Mind
Centenary College New Jersey Christopher Adamo, PhD 2004 Merleau-Ponty, Intersubjectivity, Alterity
Claremont McKenna College Harry V. Jaffa Professor Emeritus of Government (book)
Clemson University Adam Gies Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Mind
Edyta Kuzian, PhD 2015 Phenomenology, Aesthetics
William Maker, PhD 1978 Kant, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche (book) (essay)
College of New Rochelle Jennifer Scuro Phenomenology and Ethics, Feminist Epistemology, Ecological Feminism, Levinas, Arendt
Columbia University Joel Whitebook, PhD 1978 Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (book)
Concordia University Pablo Gilabert, PhD 2003 Global Justice, Human Rights, Democratic Theory, Frankfurt School, Kant, Marxism (book)
DePaul University Richard Lee, PhD 1997 Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy, Frankfurt School, Social and Political Philosophy (book)
Fanny Söderbäck, PhD 2010 Feminist Philosophy (book)
Drexel University Adam Knowles, PhD 2014 Continental philosophy, Phenomenology, Ancient Greek philosophy, Ethics and Feminism
Emerson College David Kishik Wittgenstein, Political Philosophy (book)
Pablo Muchnik, PhD 2002 Kant, Modern Philosophy, and Political Philosophy (book)
Charles Oliver
Emory University Falguni A. Sheth Continental and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Legal and Feminist Theory (book)
Freie Universität Berlin Joydeep Bagchee Heidegger, Philology, Textual Criticism, History of Science (book)
Florida Atlantic University Lester Embree, PhD 1972 Phenomenology (book) (essay)
Georgetown University Gregory Klaas Associate Dean, Research and Academic Programs, Professor of Law (book)
Gordon College Lauren S. Barthold, PhD 2002 Ethics, Hermeneutics, History of Philosophy, 20th Century Continental (book)
Hobart and William Smith College John Krummel, PhD 1999 Comparative theology, Phenomenology, Heidegger, Kant, Nietzsche, Kyoto school (book)
Hofstra University Eduardo M. Duarte, PhD 1997 Multiculturalism, Liberalism and Postcolonial Theory, Paulo Freire
Hunter College Vishwa Adluri, PhD 2002 Ancient, 20th Century Continental, Indian Philosophy (book)
Frank M. Kirkland Kant, 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy, and Africana Philosophy, Hegelian and Husserlian idealism, modernism of African-diasporic intellectual traditions (book)
Kenyon College Yang Xiao, PhD 1999 Ethics and Moral Psychology, Chinese Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Political Philosophy
Lillehammer University College (Høgskolen i Lillehammer) Anstein Gregersen Philosophy of Mind, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Law
Manhattan College Sarah Linda Scott Ethics, 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Martin Buber
Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies, Universität Hamburg Charles Snyder, PhD 2014 Hellenistic Ethics, Academic and Pyrrhonian Skepticism
Marquette University James Flaherty American Pragmatism and contemporary neo-Pragmatism
Miami University William McKenna (profile) Epistemology, Phenomenology, Epistemological aspects of Value Theory (book)
Michigan State University Christopher Long, PhD 1998 Ancient Philosophy, Aristotle, Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory (book)
Molloy College Howard Ponzer, PhD 2004 Kant, Hegel and the 19th century, History of Philosophy
Monash University Alexei Procyshyn (profile) Continental Philosophy, Walter Benjamin, Metaphilosophy, Philosophical Anthropology
Montclair State University Meghan Robison Modern Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Aesthetics
Muhlenburg College Marcia Morgan 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Kierkegaard and Existentialism, Critical Theory, Feminist Theory (book)
New School for Public Engagement Yunus Tuncel Agonism (the Culture of Competition), Eroticism, The Culture of the Troubadours, Art, Literature, and Philosophy (book)
Luis Guzman Aristotle, Plato, Hegel, Schelling, skepticism (book)
New York City College of Technology Hugh P. McDonald (profile) Philosophy of Value, First Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Mind (book)
Laureen Park, PhD 2007 (profile) Phenomenology, Psychoanalytic thought and Metaphysics (book)
New York University Emanuela Bianchi Ancient Philosophy and Literature, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Feminist/Queer Theory (book)
Brendan Hogan Philosophy of Social Science, Political Philosophy, Pragmatism
Heidi White History of Philosophy, History of Logic, 19th-20th Century Continental, Political Philosophy, American Philosophy (book)
New York University Gallatin School Justin Holt Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Political Economy, German Idealism, History of Metaphysics and Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Law (book)
Pace University Harold Brown Political Thought, Ancient Philosophy, Pedagogy
Pennsylvania State University Donald Lindenmuth, PhD 1981 Ancient Philosophy
Eduardo Mendieta Global Ethics, discourse Ethics, Critical Theory, and Latin American Philosophy (book)
Queens University of Charlotte Elizabeth Minnich Contemporary Moral & Political Issues, Applying Ethics (book)
Rivier University Lloyd Carr, PhD 1976 Husserl, Intentionality, Phenomenology, Theories of Consciousness, Philosophy of Meaning and Reference
Roanoke College Monica Vilhauer Ethics, Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, and 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy (book)
Rochester Institute of Technology Katie Terezakis, PhD 2004 German Idealism, Critical Theory, Aesthetics, and the Philosophy of Language (book)
Rutgers University David E. McClean, PhD 2009 (profile) Pragmatism, Ethics, Race Theory, Philosophy of Religion, Politics, The Philosophy of Richard M. Rorty.
Sarah Lawrence College Roy Brand Continental Philosophy, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Film and New Media. (book)
Seton Hall University Judith Stark (profile) Augustine of Hippo, Feminist Theories, and Environmental Issues (book)
Siena College John Blanchard, PhD 2001 Plato, Aristotle, pre-Socratic Philosophy, metaphysics, Nietzsche, Heidegger, food and politics
St. Francis College Clayton Shoppa
St. Johns College Annapolis William Jon Lenkowski
Matthew S. Linck (book)
Stewart Umphrey (book)
John F. White
St. Johns College Santa Fe Anthony James Carey
Russell Winslow (book)
St. John’s University Daniel Alejandro Restrepo Social justice related to race, discrimination, and global poverty
Stevens Institute of Technology Joyce Mullan Ethical and Political Theory
SUNY Stony Brook Megan Craig, PhD 2007 (profile) Levinas’s Ethics, James, subjectivity and embodiment, Phenomenology and painting (book)
Syracuse University Aaron Vlasak, PhD 2007 Ancient Greek Philosophy, Ethics and politics (essay)
Temple University Espen Hammer, PhD 1995 Kant and German Idealism, Social and Political Philosophy, Phenomenology, Critical Theory, Aesthetics (book)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Saulius Geniusas Phenomenology of pain and Phenomenology of music (book)
The University of the Basque Country, Vitoria-Gasteiz Michael Marder, PhD 2007 19th and 20th Century Philosophy, Ethics and Political Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy (book) (essays)
Tulane University Ronna Burger, PhD 1975 (profile) Ancient Philosophy, Maimonides (book)
University of Alaska Anchorage James Liszka, PhD 1978 (profile) Semiotics, Pragmatism (book)
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Sonja Tanner Ancient Philosophy, History of Philosophy, and Ethics (book)
University of Dallas William Tullius Phenomenology, Medieval Philosophy, Ethics
University of Houston Sharin Elkholy, PhD 2003 German Idealism and Romanticism, Philosophy and Literature, Phenomenology (book)
University of Louisville Osborne P. Wiggins Philosophy & Psychiatry, Phenomenology (book)
University of Macau Mario Wenning, PhD 2007 Critical Theory, Comparative Philosophy, 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy, Aesthetics
University of Massachusetts Boston Steven Levine, PhD 2005 Classical and Contemporary Pragmatism
University of Nevada, Reno Deborah Achtenberg, PhD 1982 Ancient Greek philosophy, recent continental European philosophy, psychoanalytic theory
Jason Fisette, PhD 2015 Early modern philosophy, ethics, Hume
University of New South Wales Vanessa Lemm, PhD 2002 Nietzsche, Contemporary Political Thought, Biopolitics, The Animal, Culture and Memory (book)
Miguel Vatter Republicanism, Biopolitics, Political theology (book)
University of Northern Iowa William W. Clohesy (profile) Moral and Political Philosophy, German Philosophy, Pragmatism, Existential Phenomenology
University of Notre Dame M. Katherine Tillman Thought of John Henry Cardinal Newman (book)
University of Oregon Rocio Zambrana Kant, German Idealism, Hegel, Critical Theory (book)
University of Scranton Duane S. Armitage Heidegger, Kierkegaard
University of South Dakota Joseph Tinguely, PhD 2012 Modern Philosophy to Kant, 19th Century, Continental Philosophy, Aesthetics, Ethics
University of Toledo Benjamin Grazzini, PhD 2007 Ancient Philosophy
University of Twente Nolen Gertz, PhD 2012 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, and Aesthetics (book)
University of Windsor Radu Neculau, PhD 2014 Social and Political Philosophy and in 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy
University of Wisconsin Green Bay Gilbert Null Phenomenology
University of Wisconsin La Crosse Samuel Cocks, PhD 2008 19th/20th Century German Philosophy, as well as Asian Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy
Vanderbilt University Larry May Collective and shared responsibility, international criminal law (book)
Karen Ng Kant and German Idealism, Hegel
Western Kentucky University Grayson Hunt (profile) Feminist Theory, Social Philosophy
Xavier University Gabriel Gottlieb Kant, German Idealism, Phenomenology and Existentialism, History of Modern Philosophy
Robert Berman Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, German Idealism (book)