ancient philosophy resources

by newschoolphilosophy

At a time in which pressing a few buttons gives one access to millions of different books, significant texts in ancient philosophy often remain expensive, out of print, or simply difficult to find. However, an increasing number of these texts are available online. Here we list some internet resources where ancient philosophical texts can be found, in their original language as well as in translation. We also list a few websites dedicated to particular works and philosophers.

If you are looking for a Greek or Roman text online, the first place to check is the Perseus Project. This site has hundreds of texts available in the original language and in translation, as well as an invaluable automatically linked dictionary. However, although Perseus is great in terms of both content and its user interface, it is nowhere close to having every ancient book. Still there are online resources to cover many of the gaps. Here is a list of websites that offer free access to ancient texts.

The Library of Ancient Texts links to many ancient Greek and their translations in modern languages.

Mikros Apoplous (“the little sailing”) is a library of texts in ancient Greek, with modern Greek translations.

Wilbour Hall specializes in texts in ancient and medieval mathematics and astronomy.

The Internet Classics Archive contains a large number of classical texts in English translation.

Sacred Texts‘ classics section is small but has a few hidden gems, like Lucian’s ‘Syrian Goddess’, although overall, the translations are not scholarly.

Finally, free books can be downloaded in pdf via Project Gutenberg, Google Books, and Internet Archive.