open access journals

Over the last 25 years, academic journals have increasingly come under the control of just a few large companies. As a relatively recent study puts it,

…in both natural and medical sciences and social sciences and humanities, Reed-Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Springer, and Taylor & Francis increased their share of the published output, especially since the advent of the digital era (mid-1990s). Combined, the top five most prolific publishers account for more than 50% of all papers published in 2013.

Needless to say, reviewers and authors put in countless unpaid hours of work to produce the content of academic journals. That content is then sold back to the universities in which those reviewers and authors typically work, securing a tidy profit for the publishers.

Philosophy is no exception to this general trend. The most widely read journals in the field belong to the same companies. But philosophers are starting to reclaim their work from the big publishers. Although we neither endorse the following journals nor provide a comprehensive listing, here are some peer-reviewed journals that are currently publishing free, open, online scholarship in philosophy. For each journal, we include a link and short description of the content, adapted from the journal’s website.

Argumenta: analytic philosophy.

Contemporary Aesthetics: an annual journal of aesthetics.

Dia-Noesis: ethics, ontology, metaphysics, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophical anthropology, non-western traditions.

Disputatioanalytic philosophy.

Ergo: history of philosophy, analytic and continental traditions, formal and empirically informed philosophy.

Essays in Philosophy: each issue is dedicated to a particular topic.

Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics: methodology, history, and ethics of economics.

Hermeneia: themed issues covering hermeneutics, art theory and criticism.

Journal of Ancient Philosophy: greek and roman philosophy.

Journal of Evolution and Technology: ethics and emerging technologies.

Kritike: filipino philosophy, east-west comparative philosophy, continental philosophy, anglo-american philosophy.

Logos and Episteme: a quarterly journal of epistemology.

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews: reviews of new books in philosophy.

Parrhesia: continental philosophy.

Philosophers Imprint: a refereed series of original papers in philosophy.

Public Reason: moral and political philosophy, published biannually.

Spontaneous Generations: history and philosophy of science.

Theoria: logic, history and philosophy of mathematics, history and philosophy of science, philosophy of technology, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind and cognition.