new library update

by newschoolphilosophy

I wrote a few months ago that the New School is getting a new library. I have now visited it and can only describe it as an utter disgrace to the university.

The new library is in the architecturally beautiful new “university hub” at 65 Fifth Avenue. It has lots of natural light, ample space to plug in, and a gourmet cafeteria just downstairs. It does not contain a single book on philosophy or the social sciences. Despite the fact that the graduate faculty used to be housed where the hub now stands, no social research is happening between 13th and 14th on Fifth Avenue today.

The library does contain quite a few picture-books. Art books, design books, photography are all housed there. But Heilbroner’s The Worldly Philosophers, or Strauss’ Persecution and the Art of Writing, two influential books written by authors teaching at the New School, are nowhere to be found. One has better luck a few blocks downtown at NYU.