new year resources

by newschoolphilosophy

It’s almost the end of the year and I have plenty of academic writing to do. So this will be the last post of 2013 – a list of online resources I’m looking forward to using – i.e. reading – in the New Year.

The Vatican and Oxford University’s Bodliean Library are putting important manuscripts online. Here is an article with explanations and links.

The faculty of the New School for Social Research has released a major online publication, “Public Seminar,” ostensibly based on the general seminar given at the original University in Exile. I am hopeful but also a little skeptical. On the one hand, the graduate faculty has done a lot to bring critical theory and philosophy into the public discourse with books and, notably, Critchley’s column The Stone. It’s rare for an academic philosophy department to take an interest in the reading public and I think it’s great that New School philosophers write things in addition to essential specialized scholarship. On the other hand, insofar as the website is supposed to be the public face of NSSR, there is a distinct possibility that this project could end up being a flashy advertisement for philosophy and social science at the New School rather than a locus of real intellectual discussion and interest. Popularizing theory always risks dumbing it down and it could look pretty bad for an entire institution to be associated with a billboard. I plan to give the site a thorough read in the New Year.

Finally, a couple of great online resources other than gutenberg and perseus. First, hist-analytic has a bunch of the major works of early analytic philosophy. Some of these are actually quite rare but nevertheless important. For example, reading Meinong’s “theory of objects” really helped me see classical phenomenology from a new (not necessarily Husserlian) perspective. Second, wilbour hall has a great collection of ancient and medieval mathematical and scientific texts. I’m looking forward to reading a bunch of the texts from each website.

Happy new year.