first post

by newschoolphilosophy

Welcome to the reincarnation of NSSR Philosophy. I wrote an occasional blog of the same name in the past. I hope that in this new blog I can improve on that project.

I have several reasons for maintaining this blog. The first is that the New School for Social Research (NSSR) in general and the philosophy progam in particular has a minimal presence on the internet. This is a shame since NSSR philosophy has a colorful history and vibrant culture that is often invisible to the “uninitiated.”

Secondly, there are a number of persistent myths about the New School that I think reflect badly on the philosophy program, despite the fact that they have no firm basis in reality. Among these are: that it is impossible to get a job after graduating from NSSR, that the curriculum places special emphasis on the work of Derrida, and that NSSR is so ideologically leftist that no other views are tolerated at the school.

Finally, there are a number of nasty things written about people and organizations associated with NSSR philosophy. I won’t engage in any polemics in this first post but I hope to address unwarranted criticisms of NSSR at some point.

In the reincarnated blog, I plan to describe aspects of the history and culture of philosophy at NSSR. I also hope to dispel some myths about the program, particularly when those myths feed antipathies to NSSR in the broader philosophical community. In fact, graduates of NSSR teach in many universities around the world and do research on a wide variety of philosophical topics. NSSR does have a particular strength in continental philosophy, particularly in the fields of Phenomenology, German Idealism, and Critical Theory. But there is a lot going on in Ancient Philosophy, Pragmatism, Political Theory, and the History of Philosophy as well.

I should reiterate the caveat of the earlier blog: This blog does not represent any policy or opinion held by the New School for Social Research. I do not represent NSSR in any capacity, official or otherwise. All opinions represented here are my own.